Manufacturing Facilities

Wax Room

Automatic, Semi automatic & Standard wax injection machines for wax pattern production.
Runner bar extrusion Machine for making runners
Indigenously composed pattern wax to produce wax patterns.
Use of fresh pattern wax for pattern making each time every time to get dimension consistency & better surface finish of wax patterns.

Coating Room

Separate Temperature & Humidity controlled rooms for primary & secondary coatings.
Temperature & Humidity meters for monitoring the shell room temp & humidity.
Viscometers & PH meters to check the viscosity & PH value of coating slurry at regular intervals.
Dehumidifiers to control the humidity % in the coating room.
Procurement of standard coating materials from INDIAN RARE EARTH KERALA & ORISSA to produce better surface finish castings.

De Waxing

Steam Auto Clave & Wax bath De waxing for De waxing of shells.


2 Nos.175KW Induction melting furnaces with 300 ,250 & 50 kg Crucibles
Immersion Pyrometer to measure the temperature of liquid metal bath.

Processing Facilities

Processing facilities includes Electric Cutting M/c , Abrasive Cut off M/c. Bench Grinders, Sand & Shot Blasting M/c, Belt finishing M/c. Hydraulic press for controlling the warpage & ovality of castings.
Electric & LPG fired HT furnaces with water quenching & oil quenching facility to heat treat the castings.
Acid picking & Passivation facility for all SS Grade castings.
Castings are machined in, In house CNC/VMC Machine shop as well as in subcontracted Machining vendors.

Product Capability

Products size & Quantities.
Weight : Few grams to 120kg (150Lbs.)
Dimension : 500x500x500 MM
Quantities : Up to 100000 Nos. / month

Metal Cast

To any national or international standards & as per customers special requirements.
with witness pouring & third part inspections.

To name the few,
Steels : Steel & alloy steels : All grades of CS & Austenitic & Martensitic Stainless Steels, En Series etc…
Nickel base alloys : Hast C, Hast B, Monel M35-1 M35-2, M400 Etc…
Cobalt base alloys : St 4, St 6 St12 etc…
Special Materials : 50CR50Nicb, D2, Inconel , Argonit etc….
Duplex Stainless Steels : Gr.1B, Gr.3A, Gr.5A etc….

In ready to use condition Machined & Sub Assembled ,Electroplated, Polished or Buffed condition.

Do it Right The first time Every time

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